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Simple steps to improve your iGaming results

Table and card games have been one of the most popular pastimes in the world for some centuries, and most of us have played some of these games at least once in our lives. Especially in the past year, when we found ourselves looking for new entertainment alternatives, after spending much time at home complying with health protocols and social distancing measures.

Therefore, online gambling, or iGaming, became an attractive alternative for players all around the world, due to the possibility of playing classic casino games or placing wagers on major sports tournaments from the safety of our homes, which enticed players everywhere as iGaming operators recorded significant growth in this period.

For inexperienced players, however, online gaming can get quite frustrating sometimes – we can get on cold streaks, face more seasoned players, and end up losing some money. As most of these games are games of chance, we tend to look for different factors, apart from luck, that could help us during a cold streak.

Games like roulette and blackjack are usually driven by luck, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some steps we can take to decrease our losses and even boost our winnings. Simple things like choosing the best game variants or betting the optimal wagers can be the difference between losing money, breaking even, or earning some big prizes.

In this article, we present a few simple steps that will help you choose the best approaches to excel in some of these games. Whether you’re playing online roulette or blackjack with a real croupier, these steps will certainly help you improve your iGaming results and get the most of your online gaming experience.

Choosing the best variants

A major factor that is usually overlooked by novice players is the game selection. Choosing the variants with the best odds or lowest house edges – the amount players lose on average over time – is extremely important for a better overall experience.

In blackjack tables, for instance, most operators offer games with two different payouts for a natural blackjack (ace, 10): 3-to-2 and 6-to-5. A $100 bet with a 3:2 ratio will generate a $150 payout, while the 6:5 will only get you a $120 payout on the same wager. Besides, the house edge also varies with these payouts, and 3-to-2 tables have a house edge of only 1 percent. So it’s smart to choose the 3:2 payout, to avoid losing money on silly things.

As for online roulette, the wheel layout plays a big role in the house advantage. One of the most popular casino games in the world, roulette usually features one of two wheel layouts: American or French. Since the American wheel features an additional zero pocket – totalling 38 pockets, as opposed to the French wheel, which features 37 pockets – American roulette has a higher house edge of 5.26 percent. Therefore, players should always opt to play the French variant.

Optimal bets

Apart from the game selection, each casino game features a few bets that present the best odds, but with lower payouts. While this might sound discouraging, novice players should always choose these wagers, since they’ll give you a higher chance of winning.

In the game of roulette, the wagers with best odds are the outside bets. These wagers are placed outside the number field and indicate a bet on a predetermined range of numbers: high or low, red or black, even or odd, dozens, or columns. The odds and house edge vary with each wager, but they usually have better odds than inside bets.

In blackjack, while there isn’t an optimal bet, players should stay away from insurance and other side bets. Despite seeming attractive to beginners, as they offer a chance at breaking even or large payouts, these are negative expectation bets. Insurance, which only becomes available if the dealer is showing an ace as the upcard, pays 2:1 in case the dealer has a natural blackjack. However, the dealer’s odds for hitting the blackjack are too low, and they won’t hit it enough times to make this bet profitable. Besides, insurance and side bets increase the house edge to over 7 percent.

Claiming bonuses and promotions

It’s imperative to always be on the lookout for special bonuses and promotions that iGaming operators might offer. These offers are excellent opportunities for novice players, since they grant several advantages that, apart from enhancing the gaming experience, can improve you results, such as extra funds, free spins, and even cashback programs.
There are a plethora of different bonuses and promotions, which may include welcome bonuses for new customers, referral and loyalty promotions to returning customers, and even no-deposit bonuses. However, it’s important to remember to check all the rules and conditions, since there are special requirements in place to prevent malicious use.



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