PSG: Overflows at Neymar, the police are called

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On February 5, Neymar turned 31. If the PSG player celebrated this in a restaurant on Saturday, it would have been only the first round. Indeed, the next day, the Brazilian would have put it back at home and this time, the party would have been more extensive. To the point of annoying the neighborhood, who did not hesitate to call the police.

Accustomed to big parties to celebrate his birthday, Neymar was quiet this time in 2023 for his 31st birthday. Indeed, if the Brazilian had gathered his relatives and some of his teammates in a restaurant, the evening would have been far from disproportionate according to the various echoes. But now Neymar would not have stopped at a simple dinner in a restaurant for his birthday.

“Since 3 p.m., it’s been java and it’s not over”

In fact, on Sunday Neymar would have continued the party at home for his 31st birthday. And obviously, this time, it was far from measured. As reported The Parisianon a Facebook group between residents of Bougival, where Neymarmany messages are exchanged: Attention neighbors, it smells like a party at Neymar! », « For 3 p.m., it’s java and it’s not over “.

Neymar’s neighbors reassembled

The anger would have only increased among the neighbors of Neymar, annoyed by the noise. Thus, according to the regional daily, the municipal police and the national police would have been alerted. It would then have been explained that the evening of number 10 of the PSG was supposed to stop at 9 p.m., but a resident explains that she heard “Happy birthday” around 11:45 p.m.

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