5 Precise Steps for Creating an Online Casino Website

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Determine the steps you can take to create an online casino website that will attract gamblers with certainty.

Due to lockdowns during the pandemic, land-based casinos were inaccessible, and gamblers from around the world turned to . Initially, interest in was forced: people sitting in isolation lacked entertainment, so the opportunity to be in a casino, even remotely, became a way for them to escape. However, after the lockdowns were lifted, the interest of gamblers in online operators did not diminish. The gamblers “tasted” the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an online casino without leaving their sofas. Online operators recognised the gambler’s interest and determined not to lower the bar for iGaming services, but rather to invest in raising it. After the pandemic ended and land-based casinos reopened, this led to increased competition in the online gambling market and the emergence of numerous unique offers from operators and providers.

From 2022 to 2030, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is anticipated to be 11.7% as of today. In addition, the market is expanding because gamblers favour smartphones and tablets over bulky desktop computers for online . Due to social, cultural, and legal acceptance, as well as the convenience of online gambling, it is evident that industry is promising and will soon grow.

Creating your own online casino is enticing, given the lucrative potential of the gambling industry. However, many people give up before reaching the starting line because they are unwilling to make the substantial investments required to launch a casino. Obviously, if you wish to learn everything on your own, you will need not only financial resources, but also unwavering determination and persistence. However, this is required to open any business, not just an online casino. And if you are considering joining the iGaming industry, you should read this article.


Numerous software providers now offer solutions for the simple and rapid launch of an online casino, such as “turnkey” casinos and White Label options. But not all clients desire a “ready-made” solution; it is important for them to study the industry and business “from the ground up” and even help lay this “foundation.” Therefore, we invite you to discover the primary steps required to create an online casino from scratch.


A gaming licence enables a company to legally offer gambling services to gamblers (immediately enhancing the company’s reputation and player loyalty), open a bank account, and collaborate with leading gaming software developers.

To obtain a gambling licence, you must be familiar with the gambling jurisdictions of the nations where you intend to open an online casino. Each country has its own laws regarding the legality and regulation of gambling. If you have selected a particular country, it is advisable to consult a lawyer regarding the legality, tax policy, and requirements for online casinos in that country. Additionally, it is essential to evaluate the cost and speed of the license’s issuance. Certain licences necessitate the installation of a dedicated server through which your online casino transactions are conducted, as well as the payment of other fees.

Currently, there are dozens of gaming licences. Popular licences include those issued by Malta, Curacao, Kahnawake, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and others.


Even the most delectable candy (before customers taste it) requires a colourful wrapper. The easiest way to attract users’ attention to your online casino is with a well-designed website, an intuitive interface, and simple navigation. It is known that 42% of users will leave a website if they don’t like its functionality, and up to 50% of those surveyed believe that website design is the most important factor for a company’s brand.

Let’s take a closer look at the most important recommendations for designing an attractive online casino website.


If the site takes a long time to load because it is overloaded with animation and detailed elements, the gambler’s patience may wear thin, and he or she may decide to switch online casinos.


When designing a website, it is essential to consider the psychology of colour perception. For instance, blue is associated with confidence and dependability, whereas red quickens the heartbeat and inspires bold choices.


The majority of online casinos require the player to complete a lengthy registration process by filling out all required fields. To demonstrate customer focus, it would be a good idea to provide gamblers with the option to register via Google or social networks.


Thanks to the site’s intuitive user interface (UI), players will be able to locate everything of interest. User experience (UX) will have a positive effect on gambler engagement if the menu structure is straightforward, navigation is effortless, and the search function is user-friendly (preferably using a filter system).


Currently, mobile devices account for more than fifty percent of the world’s web traffic. And this is to be expected, given that smartphones and tablets enable their owners to continue playing while away from home. Traffic to an online casino will increase if the site is optimised for mobile devices.


The more payment options a casino offers, the greater the number of players it will attract. You can connect each payment method individually, or you can use the aggregator service to connect multiple payment methods under a single contract. The gambler’s ability to deposit and withdraw funds in cryptocurrency represents a competitive advantage over other online casinos.


The availability of customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week is an additional indicator that users value. The three most popular customer service channels are the feedback form, email, and live chat. To handle a large number of requests, it is preferable to implement an artificial intelligence-based chatbot.


Before populating your website with casino games, you should investigate your audience’s tastes, preferences, and iGaming industry trends. Millennials and Generation Z are important audiences today, but their primary interest is in video games. To attract their attention to online casinos, operators employ techniques such as incorporating gamification elements into casino games and encouraging social interaction between gamblers during gameplay, such as in the comments section of a live stream.

Slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, bingo, poker, and instant-win games are the traditional online options. You can also offer gamblers the opportunity to wager on virtual sports and other popular options.


You will need a marketing strategy prior to the launch of your online casino, but you must plan ahead. There are no costs associated with announcing the launch of your gaming platform, including email and social media. The first option includes only those users who have provided you with their email addresses, while the second option allows you to expand your audience by adding new users to those who have already registered. Accounts can be “pollinated” with the help of social networks. In other words, an online casino may promote its account to the subscribers of a blogger or streamer, who will then promote themselves to the online casino’s subscribers.


There are numerous ways to expand your collection of games that will appeal to players. The first option is to locate a reputable game provider that offers an API for adding games. The API enables the implementation of an entire portfolio of games simultaneously, and the addition of dozens or hundreds of games from various providers.

The second option is to form a partnership with a game developer who will create games exclusively for the operator. Obviously, such a solution will cost significantly more, but the outcome will be impressive. If the chosen provider employs crypto solutions, blockchain technology immediately ensures protection against hacker and fraudulent attacks on gamblers’ personal information.


BGaming has held a respectable position in the iGaming industry for more than a decade (since 2012). This provider was an early adopter of cryptocurrency support and later introduced a new trend by creating the Provably Fair game feature, which guarantees 100% fair play. This algorithm is based on a cryptographic method and guarantees that the gambler’s wager will not affect the round’s outcome, which cannot be determined until the conclusion of the actual game. BGaming creates bright, recognisable games that quickly gain popularity among the gambling population. Currently, BGaming offers more than 90 games with original mechanics and soundtracks, as well as more than 90 supported currencies, including crypto.

Both of the aforementioned options for partnering with a gaming provider are valid for BGaming. This game provider is able to offer not only seamless integration of games via a single API integration, but also the development of client-specific games. In addition, the accumulated expertise in crypto solutions enables BGaming to provide customers with trustworthy options for ensuring the safety of gamblers’ finances and data. When concluding an agreement, the customer can rely on the BGaming team’s professional assistance. BGaming’s technical staff promptly fixes any game-related errors that are discovered.

In addition, BGaming’s anti-bureaucratic approach to collaboration is the icing on the cake. In contrast to other APIs, where integration can take a considerable amount of time and requires the study of complex documentation (which may be unsettling for an inexperienced person), the BGaming game API is integrated in the shortest time possible and is intuitively straightforward. If you need to create or expand your selection of games, the BGaming team is always willing to work with you! Contact us!

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